The Next Gen Travel Pillow for the modern traveler.

Australian Innovation Created in Melbourne



Light weight memory foam combines with a new unique design to produce the next generation travel cushion.

Sleep well - Travel well.

Warning. This cushion is not suitable for small children as it utilises a strap attached by velcro which can be a chocking hazard.

Why Use Sleepnoddy



Sleepnoddy’s unique design features contoured curves to fit snugly against your neck and shoulder and work together with high density memory foam to support your head just where you need it. The elastic strap helps to hold Sleepnoddy in position.


Sleepnoddy’s plush covering is soft to the touch and the high density memory foam has the ideal spring back that retains its shape but is also not too hard.


Sleepnoddy is a lightweight at 250g. Sleepnoddy is small (22cm x 15cm x 10cm) (8.7inch x 6inch x 4inch). Sleepnoddy is tough, washable, durable and has no metal bits.

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Our Story

Long distance travel has entrenched itself as a necessary part of modern life and all of us at one time or another has had to endure the uncompromising design of the economy class seat.

Surely there had to be a better alternative to the ubiquitous U shaped travel cushion. Out of necessity, Sleepnoddy; the next generation travel cushion was conceived. Its design was dedicated to solving the problem unique to long distance travel where seats have a very limited recline angle. Sleepnoddy looks to improve your sitting posture through supporting your head from the front and side angle.

We hope you try out Sleepnoddy and enjoy a better travel experience.

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